Victoria Wellness Den

Get cozy downstairs in our den where we have a generous treatment room offering Cupping, Acupuncture, Massage and Reiki with our passionate practitioners.

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About our Wellness Den

With appointment booking available at your fingertips, booking in your self care has never been easier.


Traditional and Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments offered by our highly trained and passionate practitioner. Bookings available with Jen Thursday and Friday.


Soul Coaching

In one session, I bring together all my education, skills, and gifts to offer a unique experience tailored to your needs and energy. Through a blend of energy work, dialogue, and somatic exercises, I help you uncover personal blocks, identify patterns, and enhance your communication style. Together, we explore deep self-care practices and empower your journey through mystical experiences. Welcome to discovering your magic and embracing your true self.



Helps activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself by creating an energy exchange. Promoting a balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.


Abhyanga Massage w/ Pilar

I have been a student of yoga, sound healing and meditation for many years. These practices have played a vital role in who I am today. And the ever evolving way I show up in the world. I am a certified Modo Teacher 2011, (a hot hatha yoga modality), yin yoga teacher (2012) and vinyasa yoga teacher (2012). I have attended many meditation retreats and feel connected to the Zen meditation community. I am a certified and accredited sound practitioner and sound therapist. I have completed trainings and workshops with my teachers in Costa Rica and Victoria. I am a certified reiki practitioner (2015) and newly accredited (2023) Abhyanga massage therapist.

There is something very special in working with energy, vibration and physical rhythms within an Abhyanga massage that I am so excited to offer. As all these practices have impacted and benefited my life. I extend these teachings and offerings to all who are on this complex path as humans. I offer my hands and heart to be of service to all who want to connect deeply to themselves, to come home to their wholeness and true nature.

Acupuncture w/ Jenn

Jennifer is a Registered Acupuncturist passionate about assisting people on their health journey. She was first introduced to acupuncture after struggling with amenorrhea and anxiety as a result of emotional stress. After seeing firsthand the systemic effect acupuncture had on both the mind and body, Jennifer packed up her car and drove across Canada with her Golden-Doodle, Cooper, to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Before earning her Diploma of Acupuncture at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, Jennifer lived in Indonesia and Oman for nearly five years. While there, she obtained her yoga teacher training certificate and deepened her love for cooking by starting a food blog, Reaching For Greens, where she posted plant-strong meals. Upon returning to Canada, Jennifer graduated as the Valedictorian from the Applied Holistic Nutrition program at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario.

As a practitioner, she has a particular interest in cosmetic acupuncture, pain conditions, gastrointestinal-digestive disorders, and mental-emotional health. Jennifer continues to regularly attend workshops and online courses to further her education.

When not in clinic, you can find Jennifer gardening, exploring new recipes in the kitchen, or out on a hike with her pup!

Massage w/ Kelly

I have been specializing in the Critical Trauma Rehabilitation sector since 2007.
I am a Massage Therapist (2005) certified in Craniosacral Therapy, Orthopedic Evaluation ,Total Body Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage and Yoga Therapy.

I am also certified in energy medicine therapies; Energetic Balancing level 1,2 & 3. I am a certified Reiki Master and Consultant in Akashic Records & Soul Realignment.

I believe that “Every-BODY” is different therefore each session is unique and designed for your needs. I specialize in bringing awareness to patterns that are wanting to be cleared and healed from chronic di-stress, dis-ease and dis-empowerment.

Utilizing my passion, knowledge, and experience in Anatomy, Fascial Restrictions , Somatic Emotional Release and Akashic Records, I have created my Shifts Happen program. This program establishes and links your unique Soul Gifts, Talents and remarkable characteristics for you to release what is no longer serving you and Shift into your True Potential!

My program  identifies blocks, restrictions, and karmic patterns that are disrupting your balance potential in your present life. Through my program, unique learning strategies are created specifically for you to step into your TRUE POTENTIAL and the LIFE YOU DESIRE. 

I take great pride in the progress and successes of my clients, and look forward to working with you.

Shifts Happen when you Practice the Pause.

Reiki and Sacred Empowered Soul Sessions w/ Karen Mckinnon

I bring with me 20 years of experience as a certified Hatha yoga teacher, facilitating workshops, teacher trainings and retreats in Canada. I’m trained in Hospice volunteering services specializing in complimentary care with Reiki as a certified Reiki Master since 2010. I hold certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and a diploma in Psychotherapy.

My wish is to honour the sacred alive in you, for you to find your own empowered way of loving and living.

In reverence,

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